Wedding Lace Fabric Story Of One Lucky Girl (Part-A)
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Wedding Lace Fabric Story Of One Lucky Girl (Part-A)

Wedding Lace Fabric Story Of One Lucky Girl (Part-A)

Weddings are once in a lifetime and to a girl growing up with fairytales and storybooks in mind,.It was a magical occasion that had to be perfect. With this in mind, I spent months planning, sourcing materials, finding the best vendors, and more. As with all ladies, the wedding lace fabric was a key piece to everything. From just browsing through what was available online, to going to showrooms and even consulting friends, I just couldn’t find what I was envisioning in my mind.

Determined and decided to have one custom made. I consulted my dressmaker to make my dream a reality. With our initial consultation a success, the next step was to find the appropriate place that would make it all perfect. After being show sample after sample. I was get rather disappointed as I couldn’t find the Wedding lace fabric that I fancied.

At this age where the internet had everything, I knew I would find a solution and so I did. As I was searching, I came across a Facebook page called T-Win which had an assortment of Wedding lace fabrics including those handmade with beads, sequins, and glitter. In my heart, I knew I found the Wedding lace fabric. I quickly found the link to their webpage and sent an inquiry. Within a couple of minutes, I was contacte by one of their personnel, Ms. Teeny, who I later learned was actually the director of the company.

From then on, everything just came with ease. As I shared what I was looking for. She provided many pictures and also videos to show me the different features of the Wedding lace fabric. Finally, I found the perfect lace fabric that I was looking for my dream wedding dress.

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