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 According to the FASHION NEWS, we can see the direction
Embroidered lace fabric

Embroidery as a whole started in the Swiss town of St Gallen during the mid-18th century. And when handmade embroideries on silk led to a fashion revolution the likes of which Europe had never seen. As well as extravagant tapestries in the homes of the wealthy. From those extravagant beginnings. A whole industry born and delicate lace become one of the most highly-prized fabrics thanks to the labor intensive way in which it was created.

This type of lace often use in wedding dress in Africa, Europe. It’s aim to add a touch of vintage drama. Lace has come in and out of fashion in Europe, but the African nations. Especially, Nigeria, have a soft spot in their heart for this difficult fabric.
I love the look of all-over lace fabric, but find it can be tricky to work into a more casual wardrobe. While a dress made entirely of lace fabric is sweet and could make a bit more suitable for everyday wear with the right accessories, it can also look too dressy for some occasions. One trick to add a bit more all-over lace into your wardrobe is to mix it with other, solid fabrics. Below are a few of my favorites from both vintage and fashion garments that I think exemplify the use of all-over lace in a tasteful way.