Hello, I’m Teeny, the General Manager of T-win. If you’re new here, let me explain: 

T-win, based in China, offers a variety of shipping options globally from our textile factories. However, respecting local markets, we choose not to establish offices or retail stores worldwide. This decision safeguards the interests of our global dealers. To purchase our products, importing is necessary due to our wholesale model. Recognizing the complexities of wholesale, we also offer a selection of in-stock designs for sample orders. These are ideal for checking quality with a small purchase quantity. If you’re interested in collaborating, reach out via the WhatsApp button or continue exploring.


Lace Trim

Lace Applique/Collar


Rhinestone Product

Explore the excellence of T-win with our two cutting-edge factories located in Fujian and Shaoxing, China, specializing in the production of embroidery, guipure, and patch products. Boasting state-of-the-art imported embroidery machines and efficient packaging processes, we ensure precision and speed in production. Committed to meeting diverse customer procurement needs, we’ve established an independent department dedicated to curating popular product supply chains. With a rich 15-year history in the textile industry, we confidently deliver high-quality textile products at competitive factory prices. Choose T-win for a seamless and cost-effective textile solution.Click on the image above to get our catalogue information!


sequin patch,guipure lace ,applique

T-Win has been in the textile industry for many years. We have 15 years of experience in the B2B export textile business. Our competitive product is embroidered lace fabrics, lace collars, trim, and sequin patches. 7 years of experience in the South American market.

Our offices are located in Guangzhou and Shaoxing, close to ports and airports, which facilitate fast delivery. In 2010 T-win has been certified as a quality supplier by SGS. Currently, we have 10 machines from Kalmeyer in Germany and 30 machines from quality brands in China. With these capacities, we have a production capacity of 100,000M per week.


Established in 2005, T-Win Textile Co. Ltd is a reliable supplier of garment accessories, like embroidery lace fabric, sequin patch, guipure lace. SGS certified senior supplier. With our export experience, we have business relationships with various countries around the world. Main market is the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, etc. Our company is ……