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Embroidered tulle fabric updated in December 2020

Embroidered tulle fabric updated in December 2020

Embroidered tulle fabric is one of the earliest exported commodities in Chinese history. China has a rich historical accumulation in the technology of Embroidered tulle fabric. Till today, China has used superb technology, fast production speed, and reasonable price to supply nearly 70% Embroidered lace fabric to the world. Chinese embroidery tulle lace is widely use in important parties and weddings in various countries.

The sales of Embroidered tulle fabric have dropped this year due to the virus. But many vaccines have emerged in various countries. Mexico has purchased 35 million COVID-19 vaccines in China this month. This means that the virus will disappear soon. People will start the party again, and even more celebration parties. The sales of Embroidered tulle fabric will definitely rise rapidly. So now is the best time to prepare the Embroidered tulle fabric for the next season.

Next is the Embroidered tulle fabric model updated this month:

The above is our latest embroidery tulle fabric designs this month. If they are in stock, MOQ will be 30 yards per color. If no stock, MOQ will be 150 yards. We sell by the roll, but in order to verify their quantity again before shipping, we usually separate them and repack them in cartons. Save space and freight at the same time.

At the same time, it saves space and freight. However, if the customer specifies that it is shipped in rolls, we will also send it in rolls. Generally, our machine can produce 5000 yards of embroidery in a week, except for handmade models.

If you want to get more about embroider lace trim models, please click on the EMBROIDERY LACE FABRIC module. We also have various other textile products. We will release new catalogs every week. Please continue to pay attention to T-win. If you want to get a quote or more information, please contact us via WhatsApp next to it.

If you want to check our factory and production process, please pay attention to our youtube studio: T-win Textile

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