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Do you want to buy chemical lace trim from China?

Do you want to buy CHEMICAL LACE TRIM from China?

Chemical lace trim is also called guipure lace trim. guipure lace is more commonly used by South American traders. Chemical lace seems to be the more official term.
The quality of guipure lace trim is mainly reflected in the design, color, yarn quality, and yarn density. High-quality chemical lace is one in which the density of the yarn is very tight. It has no messy threads at the edges and is very complete. There are no strange bumpy feeling and no yarn broken in the middle.

chemical lace trimUntil today, viruses have kept the number of internationally traded chemical lace trim down. But strangely enough, the price of their raw material yarn has been rising. Many Chinese textile mills and international buyers are in conflict over the offer of lace trim. I hope it will become better in the future.

There are numerous designs of chemical lace trim. But only a good supplier can keep coming up with new guipure lace designs. There are even some factories that have their own designers who can customize their chemical lace designs to meet the needs of their customers. This is the O.E.M. of the textile industry, but there is no doubt that the minimum order quantity for such guipure lace is higher than that of normal lace trim, but only a few competent Chinese lace suppliers can provide this service.

The following is our latest model of chemical lace trim this month:

Product color: White/dyeing color
Place of origin: China, Guangzhou
Usage: Sew-On The Garment
Material: Milke yarn/Polyester/Cotton
MOQ: 300 pieces
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces /week
Packaging Details: 300-500 per package
Payment:paypal/western union/bank transfer
Shipment: UPS/DHL/FedE/Container by air/sea

How does the Chinese factory produce lace collar applique?

Do you think that’s all the new chemical lace trim models we have this month? Don’t worry, there are many new ones to be released soon. Stay tuned to our website. Or contact Welling or Teeny directly via “Whatsapp” on the side to get the latest models. I can assure you that there are many new models that you have not seen before. If you would like to order other products, please click on “Product“.
T-win has other better-looking guipure products that are updated weekly. If you want to check our factory and production process, please pay attention to our youtube studio: T-win Textile

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