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Guipure Lace Necklace In December 2020

Guipure Lace Necklace In December 2020

Guipure Lace Necklace is one of the most frequently used accessories for women’s clothing. The graceful lines and hollow design amplify the charm of women. And there are various types of Guipure Lace Necklace in China to choose from. Make global textile shops and garment factories very fond of importing Guipure Lace Necklace in China. Chinese textile factories have approved the mature production system to give global buyers absolute confidence in the Guipure Lace Necklace produced in China.

Guipure Lace Necklace is very suitable for summer clothing. Therefore, many buyers will select and purchase interested models in advance in winter. Then in summer you will see these beautiful Guipure Lace Necklaces appear on all kinds of fashionable clothing.

Guipure Lace Necklace is often asked a question. Some customers feel that they are a little moist after receiving these guipure lace collars. Why is this? Guipure Lace Necklace In December 2020 Because the production process of guipure lace collar requires a lot of water. When they are finished, they are very moist. If some buyers urgently need goods. Guipure collars may be sent in advance before they are completely dry. But this generally does not affect the quality. The best solution is to wait one more day for the supplier or perform a second drying after receiving the goods.

The following is our latest model of Guipure Lace Necklace this month:

Product color: White/dyeing color
Place of origin: China, Guangzhou
Usage: Sew-On The Garment
Material: Milke yarn/Polyester/Cotton
MOQ: 300 pieces
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces /week
Packaging Details: 300-500 per package
Payment:paypal/western union/bank transfer
Shipment: UPS/DHL/FedE/Container by air/sea

How does the Chinese factory produce lace collar applique?

The above is our most popular guipure nack design this month. Of course, T-win has more models. If you are interested, please click the WhatsApp button next to it to contact Welling or Teeny. They will send you prices or catalogs. If you are looking for a specific design, you can also happen to Welling or Teeny. T-win’s design department can definitely provide you with the best quality.
T-win has other better-looking guipure products that are updated weekly. If you want to check our factory and production process, please pay attention to our youtube studio: T-win Textile

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