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What is the difference between embroidery & guipure lace?

What is the difference between embroidery & guipure lace?

Guipure lace is a common lace, its application is also extensive. Now many fabrics used in the production of guipure lace.  It seems that the comparison between modal and chiffon is used. These natural fabrics are used more in the market.

The difference between guipure lace and embroidered lace, guipure lace is also a major category of embroidered lace. Its production process is based on guipure nonwoven fabric, using viscose filament as an embroidery thread. The embroidery machine embroidered on the base fabric and then treated with hot water to dissolve the guipure nonwoven base fabric, leaving a three-dimensional lace.

The biggest difference between the guipure version of the embroidery lace and the ordinary version is that it is not like what you see in the ordinary plate-making embroidery lace. You need to go through a “boiled” process after the guipure lace needs to complete on the machine. One process makes the needle treatment when carrying guipure plates different from ordinary plate making.

Generally, guipure embroidery (paper) used in embroidery lace, lotus leaf lace, trimming, and lace. It is a large category of embroidery lace. This guipure embroidery can help to better determine the embroidery machine in embroidery. The tension & tightness of the upper & lower threads on the shelf and during the entire embroidery process make the fabric tension from the beginning to the end.

After the embroidery completed, the water-soluble paper treated with appropriate warm water to completely dissolve it. And the machine embroiders the water-soluble lace. There are many patterns, delicate and beautiful embroidering, uniform and uniform, vivid image, full of artistic sense, and three-dimensional sense.

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