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How to choose your lace wedding dress?

How to choose your lace wedding dress?

Before we stat our main topic. Let’s answer two question?


Q:  What do you want to do just once in your whole life?

A:  Yes! It is no doubt that the most important is a wedding!


Q:  What is the most beautiful clothing the bride want to dress in the wedding?

A:  Oh… that’s so easy,right? Of course, a gorgeous lace wedding dress.

lace wedding dress

Women love to dressing up in beautiful things, like tulle, sparkles,sequins, and lace.

A gorgeous wedding dress must have the bold, textured appliques on it.

The appearance of lace has been around for centuries.

Due to the advances in technology, patterns and compositions has been on the market.

lace wedding dress

Knit lace wedding dress.

Knit lace is a softer lace fabric. This lace do not have a tulle on the back.

Making the wedding lace more flexible.

What’s more, the knit lace wedding dress is more ease to contours around the body.

Therefore, it shows more elegant and beauty of the bride.

lace wedding dress

Guipure lace wedding dress. 

Guipure lace fabric, people also call it Venetian lace fabric. This kind of lace fabric without a mesh or net background.

A series of close, embroidery stitches create the patterns. However, in the finished lace wedding dress the  stitches onto a fine fabric that seems to disappear.


lace wedding dress

Embroidery lace wedding dress.

Embroidery lace fabric have delicate patterns.

Due to it’s delicate patterns to forming the appearance of an applique. This is a classic style to a beautiful wedding dress.


The above lace wedding dress styles will help you to choose your preference wedding dress.

Holding a wedding with your Mr.Right is the most important and happiest thing in the world.

Therefore, choose a perfect wedding dress for yourself to embrace your happiness!



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