Pink Swiss Vintage Floral Rose Embroidery trim

The following rules are working:
  • Minimum quantity required for this product: 300

Rose Embroidery trim is part of the lace. Compared with lace, it has more powerful functionality. It is more widely used in clothing decoration. Rose Embroidery trim had widely used in a modern fashion show. And all kinds of high-end designs are in front of the eyes. The price of lace has always been higher than the ordinary fabric. It is not tight that its material is its process.

Product color: Red
Size: 1-2”Width
Shape: Trim
Wallet logo: Custom Logo embossed & printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin: China, Guangdong
Usage: Garment
Feature: Elastic, Handmade
Material: Polyester/Cotton
Technics: Knitted
Supply Ability: 5000yards/week
Packaging Details: According to customers
Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong


Pink Swiss Vintage Floral Rose Embroidery trim

Rose Embroidery trim is a kind of 3d lace trim. Colorful colors are its characteristics. Embroidered rose appliques are different from the dyeing process of Guipure lace trim. It will prepare colored yarn before making it and then weave it. This method makes it rich in color without looking monotonous. Embroidered rose appliques can be connected and used, or it can be cut and used separately.

Rose Embroidery trim is the buyer’s favorite design. This is a very classic design. With different colors, embroidered rose appliques have new fashion competitiveness. The method to distinguish the quality of this Rose Embroidery trim is mainly to observe the density of the yarn. This technology is currently very mature in China, so there are very few problems due to quality.

The high-quality Rose Embroidery trim has a tight and even yarn distribution. Some low-quality factories will reduce the yarn, making him thinner. This will become cheaper, but it also reduces quality.

Rose Embroidery trim is generally 15 yards. 150yards per pack. Since embroidered rose appliques are 3D design, the packaging will be a little fluffy. But since it is woven from yarn, there is no risk of deformation.

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