Lace Trims

Lace trim is an intricate handicraft that dates from the late 15th and early 16th centuries, and T-Win Textile offers you a plethora of this amazing lace.

We sell a distinctive selection of guipure lace trim, beaded lace trim,  old-fashioned crochet lace, cut-out eyelet lace, stretch lace, and embroidery lace for your sewing and design pleasure. We also carry a plethora of fringed, collar trim, and ribbon trim.

These lace trims are perfect for accenting haute couture garments such as jackets, blouses, and dresses – layer your lace for a unique and special look!

We offer the best wholesale price, quality guarantee, professional e-business servant fast shipping. You will be satisfied with the shopping experience at our company. Look for long term business with you in all lace items.

This lace trim is a very pretty floral design with good medium weight width 4cm selling by yards. One roll will be supplied in a continuous length of up to 15 yards. Wonderful lace trim for bridal wear, craft projects, and sewing.

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