Different Size Love word designed Reversible Sequin heart patch sew on clothes

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Love Sequin patch uses an artificial process. Each piece of sequins can bear the strength of the 100kg. The needle thread is more durable after special treatment.

Product color:RedSilvery
Wallet logo: Custom Logo printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin:China,Guangdong
Supply Ability:5000pieces/Days
Packaging Details:Accordin to customers

In the early twenty-first Century, it began to focus on clothing materials. From a small shop to an effect trading company in Guangzhou. The felling of the fashion trend has a certain advantage. Sequins are a trend that has been popular in recent years. It can be well matched with clothes, bags, skirts and so on.

Love Sequin patch can make most of the shapes. For example, fruit, animal and so on. Afterwards a single patch is single. But the mix up with the dress is a perfect display of the shortcoming of the bright patch. But in the same way, it also adds color to the dry and dull clothes. Match one another’s impact on a point, changing the style of the past.

In recent years, more and more famous international clothing brands use patch to decorate their new clothes. So, the patch will continue to be hot. And The patch is very plastic, so we can make the shape you need as far as you want. Our aim is to do the best quality to meet the most beautiful you.

Grey Sequin patch

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Pineapple Sequin Patch


Pineapple Sequin Patch

Pineapple Sequin Patch

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