3D embroidery organza lace fabric french voile lace for dress china wholesale

Product color: purple
Shape:lace fabric
Wallet logo: Custom Logo embossed & printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin:China,Guangdong
Supply Ability:5000yards/week
Packaging Details:Accordin to customers

3D embroidery organza lace fabric french voile lace for dress china wholesale

3D embroidery organza lace fabric is trim an important apparel fabric. In the 16th century. European and American people were widely used in wedding dresses and evening gowns. women love lace for its nice, beautiful.

with the rapid development of lace production technology and craft.3D embroidery organza lace fabric more and more important roles in all kinds of clothes. And swiss voile lace gets into the overall design of garments.

As time goes. cotton cord lace used in clothes. decorative curtains. In fashion design, lace no longer just a decorative embellishment.What is more? lace developed and penetrated into the entire garment. therefore. more and more foreign designers using lace to their fashion design.

Today, many companies still use the traditional process of making lace fabrics. But our factory uses knitting machines. produce leavers lace. Its use has also expanded from the clothing decoration to accessories and other fields.

In addition, it is more economical, fine and lightweight. Yarn such as rayon, nylon, polyester, and spandex also changed the properties of lace. But the quality of yarn used to produce lace must be very good.

cotton cord lace makes a woman become more charming and charming. It is a woman cannot be without a single product!  and the current style of lace socks is also varied, but provide more ladies to choose.

In a word, Lace’s dress appeared in all the big fashion shows. It is conceivable that the tendencies of the lace are unstoppable. So European South American countries are popular with Battenburg lace fabric lace trim clothing.

In addition to this product, we can in the price and style to meet the different needs of customers.  and strive to be at a competitive price to bring you pleasure.

 organza lace fabric

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