T-win is an excellent manufacturer that produces both fabric and textile applique. We have long provided high-quality products with factory wholesale prices for wholesalers/distributors/traders/factories in various countries. We will quote a reasonable price after understanding your exact needs.
Don’t worry, the raw materials of T-win textile come from Yiwu, China, the cheapest place in China. So we can guarantee that we can provide customers with the best prices in China and even in Asia.
At the same time we have the most advanced production technology and machinery in Guangzhou and Fujian, we can guarantee that our quality is much higher than Yiwu and other Southeast Asian countries.

We have more new models that have not yet been released. Please leave your message through the following methods, and T-win will send pictures for you to choose via Whatsapp/wechat.

There are three ways to get the fastest quotation and more latest models:
1.Add to quote:
(1)choose the models that you are interested in,and Click add to quote

(2)Fill in the quantity you plan to order (more than minimum order quantity), leave your message, and then send the inquiry. T-win will send quotations and more new models to you via whatsapp/wechat within 24 hours



(1)choose the models that you are interested in,and Click CONTACT US

(2)leave you information and send the request


Click the whatsapp button, choose Teeny or Welling’s whatsapp, contact their whatsapp, Teeny and Welling will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours

How to get a quotation by browsing the website on a mobile phone?