Water Soluble pearl lace lace trim Fabric Bridal belt

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Pearl lace trim is part of the lace. Compared with lace, it has more powerful functionality. It is more widely used in clothing decoration. Pearl lace trim had widely used in modern fashion show. And all kinds of high-end design are in front of the eyes. The price of lace has always been higher than the ordinary fabric. It is not tight that its material is its process.

Product color: White
Size: 1-2”Width
Shape: Trim
Wallet logo: Custom Logo embossed & printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin: China,Guangdong
Usage: Garment
Feature: Elestic,Handmade
Material: Polyester/Cotton
Technics: Knitted
Supply Ability: 5000yards/week
Packaging Details: Accordin to customers查看店铺
Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhou/Hongkong


Pearl Lace Trim 3D Design Milke Yarn Material Textile Accessory

Pearl lace trim is a kind of exotic.Pearl Lace Trim 3D Design Milke Yarn Material Textile Accessory,The favorite of women’s clothing factory, the best choice of skirt factory.In the annual textile fair, they always attract customers’ attention. They sold out in a flash. This is their charm in the textile industry. They always make our skirts display unique and noble. Preferential prices are more in line with our needs.

Today, some very high quality lace companies are still using Leavers machines. And our company has introduced warp knitting machines. Such as Textronic, to produce leavers lace like lace. But it is more economic, fine and lightweight. Yarn, such as rayon, nylon, polyester and spandex also changed the properties of lace, but the quality of yarn used to produce lace must be very good, and the number of twists is higher than that for knitted or woven yarn.

Water Soluble pearl lace lace trim Fabric Bridal belt

Water Soluble pearl lace lace trim Fabric Bridal belt

Lace’s dress appeared in all the big fashion shows. Preal lace trim is conceivable that the tendencies of the lace are unstoppable.European South American countries are popular with lace – based clothing.

Pearl lace trim is a kind of exotic. The net eye tissue is first woven by hand with crochet. European and American people use a lot in women’s clothes,especially evening gowns and wedding dresses. In eighteenth Century, the European Court and aristocratic men also had used a lot in cuffs, collar and socks.

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