Hot Sell Butterfly Shape Embroidery Sequin Patch

Product color: Multi-color
Size:5-19 cm Width
Wallet logo: Custom Logo embossed & printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin:China,Guangzhou
Supply Ability:5000yards/week
Packaging Details:According to customers
Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhou/Hong Kong

Hot Sell Butterfly Shape Embroidery Sequin Patch

Embroidery Sequin Patch, also known as embroidery applique. In the beginning, patch is use for repair clothing. At present, patch refers to garment decoration and a kind of garment accessories.

Patch has a very wide range of uses. What’s more, it has more than 1,500 years of history. Beside, people always say patch is a “magical unique works of art in the East”.

In fact, Patch commonly used in adults, children’s clothes, children’s hats, denim skirt, jeans, jacket and coat, etc. In addition, it also can apply for bag and other textile decoration. When clothes, cushions, sheets and quilts are damaged or blotchy, you can choose a preference patch to cover it. Indeed, a small piece of patch can sewing or glue on a old clothing to make a “new” clothing. The patch can iron or sew in clothing, cloth, scarves, curtains, sheets, tablecloths, shoes and hats, and surfaces of other textile.  Using patch to decorate clothing, cover defects, D I Y trinkets, create an embroidered picture, and even can make a beautiful flower cloth, decorative home walls, etc. Patch is also a rare collection.

The unique sewing process of embroidery patch makes the pattern more vivid. Our company is professional in manufacturing different design of patch with different sewing technique. The design of patch mainly including cute cartoon, flowers, animals, facial expressions,alphabet,and so on.

In a word, Embroidered patch not only inherit the Chinese patch culture, but also offer a basis material for most consumers to make creative clothing and life.

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