What processing does clothing applique have?

The following rules are working:
  • Minimum quantity required for this product: 300

What processing does clothing applique have?

1. Add glue (heat transfer)
For the sequin patch, sequin applique, reversible sequin applique, they have enough space for you to sew on the clothes, but some customers like to paste the patch or applique on the clothes through a machine or an iron. T-win can be based on customers Need to add heat transfer glue at the bottom of the clothing applique to heat and paste it on the clothes.

2. Add LED lights
For printed clothing appliques, there is a very popular processing. Just add LED lights. This is a popular trend that started in 2019 and has produced a lot of clothing appliques with lights. Common types include unicorns/lol/superhero, etc.

3. Add fluff
It is suitable for printing or sequin clothing applique. Sew fluff on the edge of the clothing applique, very suitable for winter clothes. The fluff of any color, even colored fluff, makes the clothes look cute and warm.

There are other special processing, please continue to pay attention to the T-win website, we will share more knowledge of the industry. As a manufacturer with more than 15 years of business, we have absolute professional technical knowledge, to bring the best to our customers professional service. If you want to customize a special clothing applique for you or your client, please contact us through the whatsapp button next to it, and we will send you more details and pictures through whatsapp.

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