Let’s learn about the type of lace together

Let’s learn about the type of lace together

Type of lace can be divided into elastic lace fabrics and non-elastic lace fabrics, also known as lace fabrics. The composition of the elastic lace fabric is spandex 10% nylon 90%. The non-elastic lace fabric contains 100% nylon or cotton.Type of lace is light and thin due to the material’s texture, with elegant and mysterious artistic effects, is widely used in women’s personal clothing.

Type of lace:

It can be divid into the following types for use
1, spring loaded autumn; nylon, cotton, polyester-based, coupled with spandex, etc.
2, summer clothing; nylon fabric-based thin fabric lace fabric
3, winter clothing; mainly used in accessories
4, underwear; Jin Jin high elastic fabric

type of lace

Lace fabrics are divided into the following types by technology.
1: Jaka fabric
2: Rachel Fabrics
3:241 Fabric

According to the composition to distinguish the following types

1: No lace fabric
2: There are elastic lace fabric
3: Nylon Cotton Lace Fabric

type of lace
But Lace is an exotic product. The mesh tissue is first crocheted by hand. European and American people use a lot in women’s wear, especially evening dresses and wedding dresses. In the 18th century, European courts and aristocratic men are also heavily use in cuffs, collars and socks.
Lace originates from Europe.
The beginning is to prevent the clothes from escaping and being use off the line. Due to the complexity of the work and the lengthy and time-consuming operation, the lace has become a special product for nobles.
It seems that embroidery is in China. but she contains a product, a technique and a culture that is immers in all aspects of religion, life, and economy. In Europe, lace produced in Belgium, France and Italy is the most famous.

After our detailed introduction to lace fabrics, did you fall in love with lace fabrics?

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