Hot sell Embroidery Mesh Fabric Lace fabric manufacturer

Product color: Black Mesh
Size:125-130 cm Width
Shape:Mesh Fabric
Wallet logo: Custom Logo embossed & printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin:China,Guangzhou
Supply Ability:5000yards/week
Packaging Details:According to customers
Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhou/Hong Kong

Hot sell Embroidery Mesh Fabric Lace fabric manufacturer

Hot sell Embroidery Mesh Fabric Lace fabric manufacturer is a kind of the lace fabric.  Garment decoration use lace widely. Moreover, the combination with embroidery process and glossy bead increase a sense of luxury and elegance.


Embroidery Mesh Fabric lace use in the lady’s dress design, which is makes the  dress more noble elegance. Therefore, Embroidery Mesh Fabric is one of the important fabric in lace fabric fabric market.


In fact, Lace originated in the sixteenth century in Europe. women love lace for its exquisite, luxurious and elegant. Before the twentieth century, lace was used as an accessory only on garments. it has highly decorative function . After the twentieth century, with the rapid development of lace production technology and craft. lace plays more and more important roles in all kinds of garments and integrates into the overall design of garments.


Indeed, In fashion design, lace is no longer just a decorative embellishment. lace developed and penetrated into the entire garment. Therefore, more and more Chinese and foreign designers using lace to their fashion design.


The characters of lace is beautiful design, unique technology, after the fine processing.  Lace beautify the Dress look and enhance the level of clothing.  What’s more, lace showing the pursuit of individuality and a relaxed attitude. Moreover, lace possesses the functions of decorating, beautifying the clothes and improving the clothing grade.


In short, Lace fabric has widely application for any style of tailoring, covering the entire textile industry. All textiles can add some beautiful lace elements, any style of dress cut is suitable to use lace .

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