New Fashion Embroidered White lace trim Design hot sell


embroidered white lace trim is a decoration.  Appear in clothing, underwear, home textiles . Lace thin, strong sense of hierarchy. Summer underwear more common to lace as the theme. Clothing lace lace is able to create a sweet feeling. Home textile lace lace adds an unexpected feeling of home.

Product color: White
Size: 1-8”Width
Shape: Trim
Wallet logo: Custom Logo embossed & printed on the wallet surface or inside
Place of origin: China,Guangdong
Usage: Garment
Feature: Elestic,Handmade
Material: Polyester/Cotton
Technics: Knitted
Supply Ability: 5000yards/week
Packaging Details: According to customers
Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhou/Hongkong

Product Description

New design lace trim

Yellow Flower Lace trim

White Lace Trim

          New Fashion Embroidered White lace trim Design hot sell

Embroidered white lace trim is a kind of exotic. Is the earliest by crochet hand-woven mesh tissue. Used to decorate clothing, underwear, textile products. Lace thin, strong sense of hierarchy.Such as Textronic, to produce leavers lace like lace. It can be well matched with clothes, bags, skirts and so on.

In the last century,embroidered white lace trim from the traditional knitting, knot, winding and other means to the present mechanized development. The mechanical chain block knitting lace machine, greatly enriched the lace trim types and patterns. Its use has also expanded from the clothing decoration to accessories and other fields. Rapid increase in demand, product variety is more abundant. Promote the rapid development of lace industry.European and American people use a lot in women’s clothes,especially evening gowns and wedding dresses.

Today, the emergence of computer lace machine, but also to lace industry a revolutionary change. What’s more the production of lace lace is gradually transition from the mechanical chain lace machine to the lace machine. Lace products now go the exquisite route, to take the world’s limited production methods, each batch of lace products have to be registered, and sold out, it will never produce, so in foreign countries, by the aristocracy of all ages.

In a word, embroidered white lace trim make a woman become more charming and charming, is a woman can not be without a single product! So the current style of lace socks is also varied, to provide more ladies to choose from.

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