Maybe every woman has a lace dream

Maybe every woman has a lace dream

Maybe every woman has a lace dream. Did you say it?

I remember when I touched lace for the first time, I felt her unique feeling. The rugg hollows were made of beautiful silky threads and yarns.

Through the skin transparently, such as snow-fat skin, lace lining looming, beautiful and incomparable. When you fall in love with lace, you can’t put it down.

a lace dream
Lace is special, it will be so infatuat, in today’s gorgeous world, lace occupies such an irreplaceable emotion, and only lace understand themselves. Invariably, it feels like it is different from others.

It is a state of mind. It is subtle and difficult to be notic, enjoys in its own small space, and in this place, enjoys the illusion and releases a dazzling aura.

a lace dream

Singing lightly and shallowly, one by one story, slowly brought back the long river of memory, and kept swimming with emotion full of emotion.

Intoxicating people, all of this lace caused by a trace of a spiritual journey to smile.
Lace is an indelible feeling born of a woman. It perfectly explains all the qualities of a woman, charming or gorgeous, pure or sexy, always comes with a few attractive and graceful gestures, and thoroughly embodies feminine charm and romance.

a lace dream

Jump freely under the blue sky and white clouds, fly happily, bloom like a flower. And fly with lace, so that you can’t speak to us. Let’s make a beautiful dream with lace.

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